The Hecklar & Koch USP.45

The USP devolped by Heckler & koch is a great sidearm if you need it, Dealing noticably higher damage than the M9, Much longer ranged and more accurate with the penalty of less amunnition than the M9. With this sidearm you can run into a corridor with two or three enemies and take them all ot without taking damage yourself, As the secondry weapon in most levels some people are quick to replace it simply because any gun that isn't a pistol is better, But this pistol is the most balanced when it comes to damage output and clip size, Not dealing damage as much as the Desert Eagle but reloads as fast as the M9 ranging from 1.6-1.9 seconds. Shooting towards the head earns greater reward than the M9 with a multiplier of 3 rather than 1.4.